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Medication Safety: Tips for Your Senior Loved Ones


Do you have senior loved ones who are taking multiple medications? It’s essential to take note that as we age, our bodies respond to medication interactions differently. That’s why if you’re caring for your elderly loved ones, help them manage medications properly to keep them safe. Learn how below.

  • Take prescribed medication regularly
    If your loved ones take multiple medications, ensure they take them regularly according to their physician’s instructions. If they have trouble remembering how and when to take their medicine, talk to their pharmacist to ensure accuracy and frequency.
  • Store medicines safely
    To ensure medicines remain safe and effective, store them properly. Store them in a cool and dry place, such as a high dresser drawer, storage box, closet shelf, or kitchen cabinet. This way, you’ll keep them away from hot appliances and sinks. Keep medications and medical supplies in separate organizers for easier access.
  • Look out for potential side effects cautiously
    Do you have questions about potential medication interactions and side effects? Ask your loved one’s healthcare provider as soon as possible. If you have prescription medication delivery in Arizona and don’t get to talk with your doctor in person, you can always call them or schedule an appointment.

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