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For many of us, taking medications can be managed with a dedicated routine or a medication management system.

However, for patients who have many chronic health conditions, this can be complicated. This is due to the many factors that come with maintaining several conditions.

These factors can range from whether their prescription medications (expected with having many chronic health illnesses) do not interact with one another in a negative way to finding the balance among their changing statuses and side effects—as in, one condition turning for the worse and vice versa.

These are the issues that our Medication Therapy Management at Valley Discount Pharmacy aims to address.

Here are its specific benefits:

  • Save more on their medication costs
  • Improved patient adherence
  • Have a deeper understanding of their medications and know exactly how these are really benefiting from them the way they should
  • Be more involved in their care plan
  • Reduced risk for drug duplication and side effects

We usually recommend Medication Therapy Management for individuals who:

  • Have questions or problems with their medications
  • Have medications that require close monitoring
  • Have been hospitalized and have obtained their medications from more than one pharmacy
  • Have several health conditions and use several medications

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