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Increasing your medication adherence in the simplest way possible

Anyone who has had to take multiple medications has probably experienced the dread of missing a dose or two—even the most careful and organized in us can commit the mistake.

Valley Discount Pharmacy offers Dispill packaging services for this very reason.

Dispill packaging is an innovative and patented multidose packaging system offered exclusively through Cardinal Health. This packaging system makes adhering to medication schedules easier and safer due to a ‘fast access’ feature in each blister pack, that is, the patient’s information for a specific intake time of the day—morning, noon, evening, or bedtime.

You can also rest assured that you are taking the right amount and dosage of your medication, as this medication reminder system is filled directly by your pharmacist. Moreover, since each blister is detachable, you can take one blister at a time and bring them with you at work, school, or wherever you need to be at the moment.

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